Cops kneeling in honor of a Terrorist Group, BLM!
Does THIS make you Proud? All praise our new god!
Don't EVER touch a BLM Rioter!
Black LIES Matter!
Portland, Oregon after 60 Days of Rioting.
The Police are finally able to do their JOB. Got to love Liberal DemonRats!
What a Liberals thinks of YOU! This SHIT has got to STOP!

We all have two choices when it comes to the Liberal, Leftest, Vile, DemonRats. Do SOMETHING or Do NOTHING! The choice is yours. Seymour Crapp is finally taking a stand against the Anti-American activities that we all tolerate, mostly in silence.

You MUST educate yourselves, determine where you stand in the political swamp, speak up, and finally, VOTE! America is on the verge of disintegrating long before Global Warming will turn us all into Burnt Matches.

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